Danon NYC 2

Artist, designer, color visionary and photographer, Danon is a native of Washington D.C. She has been cognizant of her love for art since very young age. “Growing up in a busy city allowed me to be exposed to all different types of people, especially the “artsy” and fashionable types.” Danon’s favorite medium of art is mixed media. She enjoys combining photography, graphic design and painting in order to create her artwork. Bright bold colors are often seen in Walton’s works as she has a great appreciation for color and contrast. This is evident in her display. 


Danon pursued her graphic design degree from Hampton University whereby hard work, dedication and most importantly, a positive attitude allowed her to stay focused on her true passion for art. Even during her freshman year at college, she reminded herself that striving to be the best coupled with her invigorating talent and eye for beauty would place her in a position to be the best she could be thus excelling in the arts. Danon is excited to further enhance her skills as an artist and make her mark in the world. 


“I have grown to appreciate that not all audiences will like or understand my artwork. My art represents, liberates and inspires me. As long as I can see the value in my art, I am content as an artist.”- Danon


As of late, she has experimented with various mediums including- photoshopped images blended with her digital paintings, mixed media acrylic paintings with adhered objects on the canvas such as: seashells and pieces of plates. Additionally, in February 2016, she began designing eclectic pieces of jewelry. As a true designer often does, she is in the process of building the company brand and producing pieces for the opening event. Danon plans to continue experimenting with these various techniques because she is eager to discover the possibilities. “I truly believe that great artwork comes from experimentation.”